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Grace For The Moment
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Philip Brower from Homecoming Radio shares a listener’s letter...

Our story surrounding Buddy Greene’s song “Grace for the Moment” started in September, 2005. We were told, following a CT scan, that in all probability, our 26-month-old daughter, Chelsea, had cancer.

That evening, my husband and I settled Chelsea down in our bedroom, wanting to be near if she cried out. We went downstairs to tidy up and spend some quiet time together. When I walked into our bedroom later, Chelsea was sleeping but the radio was playing on our clock radio. She had recently learned to turn on the radio and apparently had gotten up to do so, even though walking was painful because of her tumor. The song that was playing reached out and embraced me, embedding truth into my heart: Grace for the moment, all that I need, grace for the moment, and strength to receive… I listened intently, tears streaming down my face, soaking up the beauty of God’s grace and what it meant to us in this moment.

The next day we headed to a children’s hospital to meet with a pediatric oncologist. As we were driving, my stomach turned into knots and I immediately began singing this song… If I fret over outcomes that I cannot see, it’s for certain I’ll not have the peace meant for me… That day, our fears were confirmed that Chelsea did indeed have cancer, and she was admitted to the hospital.

Initially, Chelsea was given an 80 percent chance of cure, but that was not to be. On January 25, 2008, Chelsea was carried Home on angel’s wings, finally free from her battle.

All along Chelsea’s journey with cancer, “grace for the moment” was our theme. We sent email updates to friends and family, each one signed “Finding Grace for the Moment!” At her visitation, we had her favorite pink CD player playing “Grace for the Moment.” On the back of her memorial stone, these words are engraved: “Thank you, God, for Grace for the Moment.” But these words were not just something that sounded nice; they had carried us through those heart-wrenching years and would continue to do so in the years ahead.

Recently our family has been struggling with some discouraging and painful issues, and one day, the Lord reminded me again of the words to this song. A few hours later, we were listening to Homecoming Radio. When “Grace for the Moment” was played, I realized anew that God is still with us, He is still sovereign, and His grace is still sufficient — I simply need to choose to trust Him. Thank you for allowing your work to be used of God to remind me once again of this truth.