[Wes, Bill, David, Michael and Mark]

The Gaither Vocal Band was a hit at September’s National Quartet Convention. Everyone sounded strong, though poor Michael was suffering with an infected tooth (note the swollen cheeks). Mark brought laughs as he fulfilled the time-honored tradition of describing his motorcycle accident. The audience howled as he talked about the cadaver bones in his now twice-broken leg (“I hope the people were saved,” he quipped. “Otherwise when the Rapture happens, is my leg just going to fall off?”)

David Phelps took home “Tenor of the Year” honors at the NQC Music Awards, but his powerhouse vocals were not the only topic of conversation. At the Homecoming Magazine table raged the debate among those who observed a nearby banner bearing David’s photo — clean-shaven, with close-cropped hair. Onstage, David sported the more familiar curly mop-top, with a mustache and shaggy beard. “I’m glad the curls are back,” said one fan, while others pleaded, “Keep it short, David!” and “Tell him to shave off that beard!” In the spirit of Christmas, folks, I think we can all agree on one thing regarding the Vocal Band: Though the “wrapping” may change (hairstyles, clothes, beards), the “gifts” remain the same — the great music and, more importantly, the gospel message within.

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