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Hair’s Looking at You!
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(Pictured right: David Phelps with his new hairdo)

My husband Freddie and I went to the Fort Worth Gaither Fest — second row, yea! Here’s what happened after we arrived on Friday night in Fort Worth: When the Gaither Vocal Band took the stage, everyone around me kept asking “Where is David Phelps? Where’s David?” On and on I heard that question. Of course, I knew which one was David — he had just changed his hairdo (cut off all them curls). Oh my goodness! Once our neighbors began noticing David, you would have thought he had left the planet and was no longer on this earth. I kept telling everyone that it was David on the end and that it appeared he had just gotten his hair cut and styled differently. No one wanted to believe me and kept saying that they wanted the curls back — and fast! So, since I was officially from Tomball, Texas (his hometown too), I just took it upon myself to conduct my own straw poll about whether he should keep the short cut or get the curls back on his head. We were at the concert for both days, and I was right there in the audience, as well as hanging out at most of the entrances with my opinion poll and clipboard in hand, getting everyone’s opinion about David’s new hairdo. All I can say is that after taking that two-day poll, David, everyone wants the curls back. But, it’s your hair, so do with it as you please; as long as your sweet wife, Lori, is happy, that’s all that should matter. I just gotta tell ya, though — the audience still loves the CURLS. My husband kept saying that the Tomball area already has one famous dude with a similar hairstyle by the name of Lyle Lovett, and he’s enough!

Self Appointed, David Phelps’ Hairdo Straw Poll Opinion Taker (SAD-PHD-SPOT)
Tomball, Texas