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'Heaven Hears'
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Heaven Hears
by Lindy Boone Michaelis
with Susy Flory
(Tyndale House)

Every parent dreads that call that comes in the middle of the night. Pat Boone’s second daughter, Lindy Boone Michaelis, was on vacation in Spain when she received such a call in June of 2001. Her sister Debby explained that Lindy’s son Ryan, a 24-yearold budding screenwriter, had accidentally stepped through a skylight and fallen three stories. Ryan’s skull was fractured, his lungs collapsed and his heart stopped.

Grandparents Pat and Shirley were the first family members to arrive at the hospital, and the doctors made it clear that “people in Ryan’s condition don’t usually make it.” Despite those words, Shirley heard an even louder voice coming from within, saying “To live and not die; to declare the glory of God.”

As Ryan lingered in a coma and on life support, the family turned to prayer. Shortly after the accident, Pat’s longtime friend Larry King invited Pat and Lindy to come on “Larry King Live” and talk about Ryan’s situation. They did, sharing their faith and asking millions of viewers to pray for Ryan. And they began to see results.

Lindy shares about the still-ongoing experience honestly, not shielding the reader from her struggles throughout the rollercoaster ride of Ryan’s slow and difficult road to recovery. “When Ryan broke through that roof,” she writes, “he fell into a very different life … It was a catastrophe, an earthquake that shook my life down to its foundation.” Yet her unwavering faith (and that of her family) is poured out on every page of Heaven Hears, as both a loving mother’s journal and a testimony that God is faithful and does indeed hear our prayers.

Proceeds from Heaven Hears will go to Ryan’s Reach (, a foundation started by the Boone family to provide information and resources for survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families.