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Heavenly Inspiration
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I am able to buy Homecoming Magazine periodically and I enjoy the articles in it very much. The January/February 2012 issue on “The Art of Forgiveness” was most helpful. I have been a fashion jewelry designer for about five years. Some time ago I heard the Hoppers’ song, “Heavenly Sunrise,” for the first time, and I was very moved by it.

I receive inspiration for my jewelry creations from many areas of life including nature, vacation destinations and music. I was inspired to make the bracelet/wristlet that you see in the photo as a result of hearing “Heavenly Sunrise.” I call this bracelet Heavenly Sunrise, as I think of that glorious morning when the Lord calls us home.

What a day that will be! We’ll leave all of the heartache behind and see our Savior face to face. We’ll meet our loved ones who have gone on before us. Glad reunion day! I would like to thank the Hoppers for that wonderful, inspirational song.

— Wendy Manz
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada