After losing his wife of 36 years to breast cancer, Paul Stutzman left his career to embark on a hike that lasted five months and took him over 2,000 miles. He traversed 14 states, from Georgia to Maine, on the Appalachian Trail, hoping to discover peace and a renewed sense of purpose. What he learned about himself and from the strangers he encountered changed his life, as he shares in Hiking Through: One Man’s Journey to Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail (Revell). Stutzman says, “I realized how important it was for folks to help carry each other’s burdens. I knew I needed to write this book because of the many hurting people out in the world that would never have the opportunity to do this difficult hike. I also wanted to encourage people who have suffered a great loss in life that God does understand their pain, and healing will eventually come; we just never know when.”