Ernie Haase & Signature Sound performed the national anthem during the AdvoCare 500 NASCAR race live broadcast on ESPN Labor Day weekend. Prior to singing the national anthem, the group preformed during the chapel service for NASCAR drivers, families, and crew members.

Ed Clark, Atlanta Motor Speedway president commented, "We were honored for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound to return to Atlanta Motor Speedway and sing the national anthm for the AdvoCare 500. Just like last year, after the race we recived an overwhelming response for their rendition of the anthem and how much it means to our fans."

"The honor was all ours!" said Ernie Haase. "Ed Clark and the folks at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR, and ESPN treat us all like kings. It was a special treat to get to sing for the drivers, families and crews during the chapel service, and anytime we get to represent our country by singing the national anthem is a special time."

Check out this YouTube video:

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