I am feeling a bit frazzled this week with deadlines and other pressures ... anyone else out there feeling a bit out of control? In a blog post, Rick Warren wrote these wise words: I don’t know what you’re going to face this week. You don’t, either. But I can already tell you what God wants you to do. Let go, and know. Let go of control, and know that God is in control. Let go, and know! This is the first step to serenity in your life.

Whatever we're dealing with today, be it pressure from within or without, let's take a deep breath, then "let go, and know."

In other news, we need to correct an error from last week's newsletter, in our report that DISH Network was launching 24/7 Gaither programming. We had a couple of details wrong in the article, and we apologize for anyone who was unable to find the new channel as a result. As of yesterday, Gaither programming IS happening around the clock on DISH Channel 276 ... click here for the fully updated article.

A thought from the Word ...

Micah 7:8
Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.

"It's a God thing," says Dean Hopper, speaking of the chain of events leading up to the formation of a new quartet — Hopper Brothers 2.0! Dean and his brother Mike are excited to see how the Lord will lead in this new venture ... click here to read more!
Homecoming friends Keith & Kristyn Getty will be joined by Buddy Greene, Solveig Leithaug, Norwegian gospel choir Voice of Joy and many more great musicians for a unique evening of story and song in Nashville on October 4 ... click here for more!
On NBC's TODAY show yesterday, Sandi Patty announced that she'll soon embark upon her final tour, "Forever Grateful: The Farewell Tour." Click here for more!
Having watched a screening for the new film Woodlawn, I give it a big thumbs-up! Whether a sports fan or not, you'll be encouraged to see the amazing true story of what happened when God radically intervened in a racially divided high school football team in the 1970s. Click here for more!
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