It's that time again; time to do some digging and planting in the garden, or even just enjoy the view of flowers in someone else's yard! Of course, Gloria loves to garden, and she has such a green thumb, but we're not all quite that talented. Last year, I planted a little vegetable garden for the first time, trying cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, green beans and basil. The green beans gave a good harvest, while the other vegetables did not fare well at all in my somewhat shady Nashville yard. But the basil was the star — every time I picked the leaves, it seemed like they all grew back the next day! I cooked with it, dried it, gave it to friends and it just kept coming. What a blessing to enjoy the delicious things God created for us! - Homecoming staffer Deb

We'd love to hear from all of you who enjoy planting flowers or vegetables. Just click to tell us what you'll be planting this year, and any great gardening tips you may have ... I need them!

A thought from the Word...

2 Cor. 9:10

Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

In the midst of our sadness and shock over the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, we are still inspired by one team who participated for their 31st time — Team Hoyt. If you have not yet heard of this amazing father and son team, you need to know about them! Click here to watch a video about this incredible duo.
Homecoming artists Mark Lowry, Jonathan Martin, Doug Anderson, Wes Hampton and others give us a glimpse at what they're up to when they are not onstage. Mark shares a song from his new album, Jonathan has some beautiful footage of Jerusalem, Doug visits from the studio and Mark catches Wes playing with his food. Click to enjoy our latest crop of SocialCam videos!
Bill and Gloria have written hundreds of songs, but have you ever wondered whose writing inspires them? Once such songwriter was Stuart Hamblen, America's first "singing cowboy" on radio and a prolific writer of hymns. This Thursday, April 18, Stuart will be honored posthumously with a sidewalk plaque on the Walk of Western Stars in Santa Clarita, California. To read what Bill had to say about one of his heroes, click here.
Creekside Films has just released their heartwarming kids' adventure The Solomon Bunch to DVD, and Homecoming is giving the film to six lucky winners! Kids of all ages will enjoy this comedy about a group of well-intentioned friends whose plans go hilariously awry when they become amateur sleuths. To see a trailer of the film and find out how you can win a copy, just click here! We'll be randomly selecting the winners on Tuesday, April 23, so get your entry in now!
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