May is upon us! And since it's almost Mother's Day, we thought it would be fun to have a little contest with some wonderful prizes for moms and grandmothers. You'll have to read below to find out more about that! (Don't worry, dads and grandpas, we'll have some great things for you in June!)

And in other exciting news, if you know anyone who is a songwriter, Gloria Gaither is preparing for her 3rd annual Songwriting Intensive in June, where she and a panel of fellow expert songwriters will offer valuable instruction and critiques to those who wish to learn more about the craft. For more information, click here!

A thought from the Word...

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

The Southern Gospel Music Association has announced the "Class of 2013" Hall of Fame inductees, which includes two of Sheri Easter's close relatives from the Lewis Family, as well as four other very deserving members of the gospel music community. To find out more about the honorees this year, click here.

We have another great crop of SocialCam videos for you, featuring the Gaither Vocal Band, Joe Bonsall, Jeff Easter, Mark Lowry and Michael English. This is quite a diverse and definitely unique collection ... we still can't believe Jeff Easter actually ate a ... well, you'll have to see for yourself. To watch, just click here!
In our next issue of Homecoming, we are tackling a subject that affects all of us — loss. We all experience it at one time or another, but how do we handle it? More importantly, what do we learn through it? We'd like to hear from you on this topic, so please take a moment to click here and share your thoughts with us. As we hope our discussions in the upcoming issue will encourage you, your experience may encourage someone else, and your answer may appear in our July/August issue!
And finally, the contest we promised! We're excited to celebrate May with our "Almost Mother's Day Giveaway," and we have three prize packages featuring music to life your spirit and books to inspire you! For more details about prizes and how to enter, just click here! The deadline is Monday, May 6, so don't be late! And a word to the wise... there's another contest for moms in the May/June issue of Homecoming. It is found at the end of the "You Know What" section, so be sure to enter that one too!