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Homecoming Magazine's 2014 "Lyrics of Your Life" Winners!
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Congratulations to the winners and runners-up in Homecoming Magazine's "Lyrics of Your Life" contest! We'd like to thank everyone who entered; there was a wonderful selection of talented songwriters, which made judging an enjoyable, but difficult process!

Entrants were able to submit songs in two categories: "lyrics only" or "lyrics and music." The Grand Prize winner in the "lyrics and music" category is David Scott, who penned the uplifting song, "How We Overcome." And, Jack Pike is our Grand Prize winner in the "lyrics only" division, with the inspiring "Freedom's Never Free." These winners will enjoy honing their craft in June as they attend Gloria Gaither's Songwriting Intensive in Alexandria, Indiana.

We'd also like to congratulate our two runners-up, who will receive an iPad Mini preloaded with a selection of books from Karen Kingsbury and Gloria Gaither. Eva Wilson won the lyrics/music runner-up spot for her touching song, "Keeper," and Linda Brown's "Twilight in the Garden" was selected in the lyrics category.

Without further ado, here are the winning lyrics! All rights reserved.

by David Scott

There are times looking back
At this journey we’re traveling on
We can often start to wonder
Why we keep believing and holding strong
And although some, ask us why, at times we even try
We’ll hold on ’til He says “Well done,” this is how we overcome

(I know that the) Storms rocked the ship
Waves tossed and turned
There were times we got weary
Didn’t know which way to turn
But we kept our hands to the wheel
’Til we heard Him say “Peace, be still”
Oh yes, the battle’s won
This is how we overcome

Through hard trials and tribulations
We have already come
Climbed high mountains, and forged through valleys
He made a way when we thought there was none
We kept the faith and we kept our song
Even at times we prayed and prayed all night long
And through Jesus Christ, the Son
We always overcome

But we kept our hands to the wheel
’Til we heard Him say “Peace, be still”
Oh yes, the battle’s won
Oh yes, we’ve overcome
Oh yes, we’ve won the victory
Oh yes, the battle’s won
This is how we overcome!

by Jack Pike

When we retrace the hallowed path,
That brings us to this present day,
We cannot miss the crimson marks,
That stain the ground to free the way.
Their lives, their fortunes, honor, all,
Pledged by brave men whose hearts burned bright,
They laid it down and suffered loss,
And never shrank from freedom’s fight.

My child, our freedom’s never free,
Its cost and worth cannot be known,
These gifts of love and grace display,
The liberty we all now own.

Walk with me thru the bloodstained field,
At Gettysburg, where thousands lay,
Who did not think it was to be
Their resting place that final day.
At Flanders fields and Normandy,
There was no dimming through the years,
Of dreams that moved mere men to give,
The last full measure past all fears.

My child, our freedom’s never free,
Its cost and worth cannot be known,
These gifts of love and grace display,
The liberty we all now own.

Come now up to Golgotha’s hill,
Its horror far exceeds all wars,
That figure now so stark and still,
Paid my sins’ debt at such a cost.
His blood that stains the hallowed ground,
Was shed so I could ransomed be,
Christ’s resurrection from the dead,
Sealed evermore my liberty.

No, freedom’s price is never free,
Such gifts of love and grace impart,
How can I sound its depths or see,
The love of His devoted heart.
The love of His devoted heart.

Twilight in the Garden
by Linda Brown

As I walk beneath the twilight in the garden,
There’s the hand of God on all the world I see.
As He paints each rose that grows within His garden,
So the hand of God dips down and touches me.

Ev’ry step I take, I know my Lord is with me.
In the stillness of the night, I hear Him say
He’ll be with me in each trembling, quaking moment
When the evening shadows fall across the way.

On a purple sky, He paints a crimson sunset;
With a molten sun, paints gold an azure sea.
As He sprinkles stars and paints the moon and planets,
With a brushstroke, God dips down and touches me.

He brings rain to ev’ry fragile, fainting flower;
Fills with hope a life once lived so hopelessly.
Ev’ry sin is cleansed beneath a crimson shower
Flowing from the hand of God and touching me.

He will soothe the pain and hurt we often suffer;
Not a sparrow falls that He’s not there to see.
When, in grief, I’ve seen the worst life has to offer,
Then a nail-scarred hand dips down and touches me.

Day is almost done, and soon I shall be leaving;
There awaits another garden I must see;
And as twilight fades, in coolness of the evening,
I’ll hear footsteps as He comes to walk with me.

by Eva Wilson and Glenn Green

Verse 1
It was a year ago today
That Grandpa passed away
Grandma said come sit with me a while
She held a box of memories
With pictures I had never seen
And letters from the love of her life

She stopped and kissed them
Because she missed him

He was a man who kept his cool
Kept his faith and the golden rule
And he knew how to keep her laughin’ in the hard times
Through thick and thin, he kept his word
Kept his vows like a good man would
For better or worse, richer, poorer, he stood by her
He was a keeper
He was a keeper

Verse 2
With ev’ry story Grandma shared
I imagined I was there
And felt the love that held them through the years
And when we found his wedding band
She gently held it on her hand
And slipped it on to feel it next to hers

And I
Wanna be just like