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Homecoming Magazine's "Picture Perfect" Contest
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You could win a great prize package in Homecoming Magazine's "Picture Perfect" contest! Just send us a photo of you with an issue of Homecoming Magazine ... that's all there is to it! Get the photo to us however you'd like: Email us at (with Picture Perfect in the subject line); tweet to @Homecoming_Mag; message us on Facebook; OR mail to Homecoming Magazine, Attn: Picture Perfect Contest, 402 BNA Dr., Ste. 400, Nashville, TN 37217. PLEASE be sure to include your name and address with your photo, so we'll know where to send your prizes if you win!

The deadline is noon CT on Friday, November 14, 2014. NEW DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, DEC. 5 AT NOON CST! We confess...we did create the skydiver image above using photo editing (which you probably guessed). But we'd love for you to send your original photos that weren't created with fancy digital tricks.

We will have three prize packages, one for each of these categories:

1) FUNNIEST PHOTO - be creative and make us laugh! (Feel free to enlist pets, children, friends, etc., if you'd like.)

2) MOST UNIQUE LOCATION - Find somewhere interesting to have the photo taken (but you don't have to skydive).

3) UP FOR GRABS - The last prize package will be randomly selected through a drawing, so everyone will have a chance!

Each prize package will include some terrific CDs from favorite Homecoming artists, a one-year subscription (or renewal) to Homecoming Magazine, Bill and Gloria's beautiful book A Homecoming Christmas, plus a Homecoming blanket and tote bag! Winning entries will be revealed online and featured in our Jan/Feb 2015 issue.

Homecoming Magazine may use photos entered in this contest in our print magazine, at, on Homecoming's Facebook/Twitter, and for  subscription ads.