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Homecoming Radio on Solid Gospel, week of July 21
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Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio brings listeners the music they've come to love from the Homecoming tours. Hosts Bill Gaither, Kevin Williams, Phil Brower and Tori Taff also provide plenty of entertainment themselves, and you never know who will stop by the studio!

You can catch encore shows every evening at 6 p.m. central on the Solid Gospel radio network.

Here are some of the artists you'll hear throughout the week beginning Monday, July 21!

Monday, 7/21:      Becky Isaacs interview, plus music from the Isaacs,  Russ Taff, the Booth Brothers

Tuesday, 7/22:      Interview with Charles Johnson and music from Charles Johnson and the Revivers, plus the Martins and the Gaither Vocal Band

Wednesday, 7/23: LuLu Roman stops by for an interview, plus music from Karen Peck and New River and Jeff & Sheri Easter

Thursday, 7/24:    Signature Sound joins GVB on a number, plus music from the Hoppers and an interview with producer Lari Goss

Friday, 7/25:         An interview and music with Ivan Parker, plus tunes from Jake Hess and Greater Vision

If you can’t hear the show on the radio,  LISTEN LIVE by connecting to our stream at:  or download the appropriate app to listen on your smartphone.  

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