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If Stars Could Speak
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I wanted to share a new Christian website (all about friendship and fun for women over 50), called, which features encouraging articles and poetry. We are new, but we are growing! I also have a book being published by West Bow Press, titled The Something Sisters 31 Day Devotional, to help women grow deeper in faith. Below is one of my Christmas poems which I hope you will enjoy. My entire family has always enjoyed the Gaithers’ music and witness. They have been faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ!


Come with me, and let’s pretend we live within the sky.
For just one night, we’ll leave the earth, nature to defy.

Come, let’s pretend we are soaring high above the earth
And night has come; as stars we’ve been rebirthed.

The first star that I meet says, “Hey, what is your name?”
I quickly say, “I don’t have one” and bow my head in shame.

“You don’t have a name? Why, that’s not how it is done.
The Father comes each night and names us, one by one.

Hurry, be a shooting star, and go straight to His throne.
He’ll give you a name, one that’s all your very own.”

So I became a brilliant shooting star and w ent so very fast,
Across the heavens I zoomed! Wow! This is a blast!

And then a hand so gently came and touched my pointy end,
“You are new tonight, dear star. What is your name, my friend?”

With head bowed low, I said so soft, “Dear God, I need a name.”
“Well,” He said with authority, “I have one for you to claim!

I will name you Marvelous and Brilliance, as you shine.
You will declare My Glory and My Presence you’ll define.

You’ll go straight to Earth to a place called Bethlehem,
And you will show the world the gift that I have sent.

The gift to all is My Begotten Son — the world He will redeem.
And with your Marvelous Brilliance, this message you will beam.”

Hampton Cove, Alabama