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"In the In-Between"
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In The In-Between

I have seen some glorious days
Where I flew so much higher
Much higher than I ever thought I would,
And soaring through the air I would declare,
“Well, isn’t God good?
Isn’t He good?”

And He was and He is
And He always will be,
But in the in-between
It’s hard for me to see.

In the in-between
Where everyday life happens,
And the fields of green
Belong to someone else.
In the in-between
Of what will be and what has been,
Jesus is a faithful friend
In the in-between.

I have been unsure of myself
But even in the dark,
I’m pretty sure that all is well,
And then I see,
There in the mirror looking back at me,
A work that is not everything that it will be.

Cause He was and He is
And He always will be
Close beside and holding on to me.

Grace and mercy know no season
And there is no good reason why,
The best of days might not be the days ahead
And in the in-between
Where you have some time to dream,
Your faith and strength can be restored
By the gracious Lord…

Of the in-between
Where everyday life happens,
And the fields of green belong to someone else.
In the in-between
Of what will be and what has been,
Jesus is a faithful friend
In the in-between.

Words and Music: Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson ©2013 Sandi Patty Publishing (ASCAP), The Anderson Group, Inc., Five Blade Fan Music


I have never considered myself much of a songwriter, but from time to time an idea will pop into my head, travel to my heart and I can’t shake it. The idea of “the in-between” has burrowed itself into my soul because, I guess, this is where I am living right now. I was sharing this idea of “in-between” with my buddy Wayne Watson one day and he began to share with me that he too was feeling much of the same — this “in-between” can be a tricky place. We talked about the concept and shared melody and lyric ideas through email. We didn’t really finish the song until one Sunday morning as I was in my home church in Oklahoma City listening to my pastor and friend, Marty Grubbs, begin to speak about this very topic — the in-between! I texted Wayne right during the sermon (please don’t tell Marty) and that very week we finished the song.…

I have been blessed to raise eight kids. I didn’t birth eight children, but I have been privileged to help raise eight beautiful children. When Don and I got married almost 20 years ago, I had four kids and Don had three, then we adopted our youngest. So in the beginnings of this new family we had eight kids 11 years old and under. Life was full! Now the kids are 29 years old down to 17. Clearly, life looks a little bit different these days. As a mom, my “role” looks a little different — the needs of my kids look a little different. So, as a mom, I’m feeling a little “in-between.”

I have heard some fun facts about female singers — according to the Metropolitan Opera, a woman’s vocal prime is “in-between” the ages of 45 and 60. While that is awesome to hear, I am definitely closer to one end than the other. Therefore, vocally and perhaps professionally I am “in-between.”

Don and I moved from Indiana to Oklahoma four years ago for Don’s work.I truly love Oklahoma because it reminds me so much of Indiana. The people are amazing in both states and that’s the biggest reason I love living somewhere—the people! We have been a bit “in-between” as our Indiana home has been on the market for four — yes four — years. Thankfully, it recently, and finally, sold. But, with family living in both Oklahoma and Indiana (and many places in-between), frequent trips back and forth have been our new normal. So while trying to invest in our new home city and surroundings, we’ve still felt somewhat “in-between” Oklahoma and Indiana.

This “in-between” is a hard place for me. I don’t traditionally do transition well. I like to “know” things and, OK, I’ll say it out loud, “I like to control things.” I have learned along the line of my faith journey how to manage the lows. Not well, but at least to manage them. And, I think I’ve learned how to manage the highs. But, this “in-between” stuff I don’t do so well. It’s the whole “I need to know” stuff. I don’t wait so well. I don’t “be still” so well. And, perhaps it is this very reason that God has placed me in this “in-between” area of my life. Because, the only thing I can do is trust, and wait, and believe that God is at work.

The Message translation of Hebrews 11:1–2 says, “The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we cannot see…”

This is what I am learning in this place of “in-between.” To simply trust … even when I cannot see what lies ahead. And, to believe that God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and in the “in-between.”

— Sandi Patty