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It's Here! New GVB Album, "Sometimes It Takes a Mountain"
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The legendary Gaither Vocal Band showcases its award-winning harmonies on their latest project, Sometimes It Takes a Mountain. Featuring the talents of new members Adam Crabb and Todd Suttles, who round out the five-member crew of “singers’ singers,” the recording maintains the group’s familiar, powerhouse blends while introducing a fresh dynamic from this energetic lineup. Be sure to read our in-depth feature about the making of the album and how the "newbies" are finding their places in the group in our November/December issue!

The album is now available in stores, as well as at Here's a little preview to whet your musical appetite!

Jesus Gave Me Water
We Are Coming Home At Last
Sometimes It Takes A Mountain
Happy Rhythm
The Night Before Easter
That's When The Angels Rejoice
Written In Red
Let It Start In Me
When Fear Comes Knocking
Peace In The Valley
You Brought Us Out
Heaven Came Down