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Janet Paschal Honored for Compassionate Service
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Well known to Gaither Homecoming fans as a talented singer and insightful writer, Janet Paschal has received many accolades and awards, but on January 17th, she was honored in a very special way.

When Comfort Care Hospice, based in Alabama, hosted their Annual Caregivers' Awards Luncheon, a new award was added to the list. The Compassion In Action Award was presented to Janet Paschal. "Janet, over and over again, has demonstrated determined ‘compassion in action' by moving without hesitation to care for someone whose need is imminent," stated Comfort Care Hospice Administrator and Director of Social Services, Mitzi Butler. "For the past five years, Janet has been heavily involved with so many different activities Comfort Care has sponsored to help various communities throughout the state of Alabama." Butler also stated that the award presented to Paschal this year will in the future to be known as the Janet Paschal Compassion In Action Award.

As Butler explains, in 2011, when storms ravaged the state of Alabama resulting in over 200 deaths throughout the state, Paschal reached out to see what could be done and if she could assist in any way. "One of the first phone calls I received the morning after the storms hit the state was from Janet," Butler shares. "Within days of the storms, Janet was on the ground in Tuscaloosa. That week she personally gave of her time and teamed with Comfort Care and other organizations to present two benefit concerts to help the rural areas of Alabama where families were having to completely rebuild."

Butler also mentions someone special Paschal recently touched with her giving spirit. "One of our Comfort Care patients was one of Janet's greatest fans. She knew she didn't have very much time left and had expressed to us that her desire was to have Janet sing at her funeral. When Janet learned of this request, her immediate response was, ‘Well, that just won't do because she will not be there to hear it.' Within a week, Janet had traveled to Alabama to personally visit the lady in her home. The patient passed away a few weeks later, but this gesture is something her family will never, ever forget. Janet has become the unofficial spokesperson for Comfort Care, and she has touched so many lives by her willingness to give, give and give more."