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Jason Crabb Performs in Paris
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How did Grammy winner Jason Crabb spend his Christmas vacation? In Paris, France. 

Now in the midst of engagements with the Crabb Family's "Back to Our Roots" tour, the Kentucky-born artist traveled with his family, band and management team to Paris over the holidays. He ministered in song to more than 13,000 people on Christmas Day at Charisma Christian Church, one of the most well-known megachurches in France. Here, Jason tells us about some of the memorable moments from the trip.

HC: Jason, from your social media posts, it looks like you had an amazing time. I'm wondering ... during the concert, was the language barrier a factor?
Jason: Actually, they sing some of the songs that we did in English. Then we'd decided to have them sing the last or next to last chorus in French.

HC: Do you speak any French?
Jason: No. (laughs) I learned a little bit ... merci, bonjour, French toast....

HC: Ha! Well, that's a start. So, what were some of your favorite highlights from traveling around in Paris?
Jason: There were so many. We had a blast. We were staying in the Hotel de Louvre, that I think is like 150 years older than our country … it was crazy. The architecture is just amazing.

We went to Versailles, which was really cool. And of course, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Élysées … so much fun. And then we went to the Louvre, which my girls absolutely loved ... that was one of their favorite places. I got a picture of them in front of the Mona Lisa. 

HC: Aw, what a wonderful opportunity for the girls. And would you tell us a little more about the experience performing at Charisma?
Jason: Yeah, it was great. One of the most exciting things was that they asked us to do the altar service, and there were about 250-300 people who came and received Christ. 

HC: Were they familiar with your music before, or was this an introduction for most of them, or do you know?
Jason: Well, I think they had seen a few things on TBN or something like that, because it reaches so many different countries. And Pastor Pedro at Charisma said that he has been a fan for a while, watching from afar. That was a fantastic place. The staff was awesome, the people were great; it was first-class all the way.

The neat thing was that they made everyone feel like family in the church. At that service, they all drew names. Everyone had brought a gift for X amount of dollars, and they all had to find the person whose name they drew.

HC: In that huge crowd?
Jason: It was crazy, but it was so cool. It made a megachurch feel like a family church. And they had like 13 buses that went and gathered people who had trouble getting to the church. They had assisted living facilities for people who were having trouble with that. They’re doing a fantastic job—great ministry.

HC: Well, I know you're heading to another engagement now, but thanks for speaking with us today. It sounds as if you had a great time and were able to bless a lot of people, and I hope you'll get to visit there again someday!
Jason: Thank you!