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Jeff Hawes Says "I Do" to Sweetheart Shainah
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Congratulations to newlyweds Jeff Hawes and Shainah Peek Hawes, who recently tied the knot. Jeff, former vocalist with Karen Peck & New River, married his bride on December 12 in a lovely Christmas-themed wedding complete with a red color theme, Christmas wreaths and poinsettias. Following their St. Lucia honeymoon, Jeff posted, “Forever has begun!”

Jeff departed from KPNR last August to take a job as College and Career Readiness Coach with the Jackson Board of Education in Alabama. In December, he also completed his Masters in Education. Shainah is an RN with Dekalb Regional Medical who shares a love for music and singing with her hubby.The two even sang a sweet duet of "Love Me Tender" during their wedding ceremony.

Jeff writes, "We were married at New Home Baptist Church in Pisgah, Alabama. This is Shainah's home church and is also the venue where both her parents and my parents were married. We had the reception at Thornhill's Christmas Tree Farm in Pisgah. It was a beautiful barn filled with Christmas trees, garland and wreaths.

"Shainah and I have known each other for many years, but almost three years ago this January, we were both in a mutual friend's wedding. Shainah was the maid of honor, and I was the pianist. When I saw Shainah walk down the aisle for the first time at the wedding, I knew then that I would marry her someday. I used to laugh when I heard someone say they found 'love at first sight,' but for me, it was as if God had shown a light around her presence, and the Holy Spirit drew my eyes to her.

"I think I remember playing several chords that weren't even part of the particular song I was supposed to be playing. Anyway, I asked her on a date the following weekend, and we have been together ever since. I waited 32 years to marry. God has shielded me and protected me and saved me so that I could marry Shainah. God always goes above and beyond anything we can ever imagine or conceive. He is exceedingly abundantly AWESOME!! We want to encourage young couples to have the faith to pray, seek, and be patient for God's choice for them."