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(Having returned from my second trip to Israel, a holy place I love, I was inspired to write the following song. It still awaits a melody.)

Walking down the streets of old Jerusalem,
Praying at the holy place, the wall,
Pausing for a time to pray on olden steps,
Gazing at the ancient towers so tall.

I’ve seen Jerusalem, old Jerusalem.
Walked the busy streets so worn and old.
I’ve seen Jerusalem, old Jerusalem,
But one day soon her streets will be all gold.

The empty tomb, the upper room, Mount Zion,
The Mount of Olives, what a holy site.
Gethsemane, Golgotha and the Temple Mount,
The domes refl ecting heaven’s sun so bright.

Those holy places carry so much history,
Her stones lay heavy on that Holy Land.
One day we’ll see the King of Glory coming,
When He returns, then peace will abound.

The city knows no rest or longed-for peace.
War awaits on every boundary.
But one day the Messiah’s glorious entrance
Will set her chosen people, Israel, free.

Arcata, California