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Joey Feek Recovering from Surgery
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As you may have read previously, Joey Feek is battling stage 4 cervical cancer. This photo was taken yesterday, as she is in the hospital recovering from her surgery last Thursday. Her husband Rory continues to post updates on his blog, This Life I Live. Here is part of his post-surgery update, and be sure to click over to his blog to read the rest:

The surgery took almost ten hours, so we didn’t get to talk to the doctor or see Joey until after 10 pm last night.  When Joey’s surgeon finally came out into the waiting room and sat down with us, he was so kind and wonderful and he talked with us for a long time.  He told us that everything had gone well in the surgery and that he believes that they were able to get all of the main tumor removed, along with two infected lymph nodes and other places that were affected.  They also did intra-operative radiation on some areas where they weren’t able to get a clear margin.  All-in-all, he was very positive and hopeful.  So we are too.

Joey is going to be in recovery here at CTCA [Cancer Treatment Center of America] for 7 to 10 days, and then we’ll be able to go home for a week or two, then we’ll come back here for 5 weeks of chemo and radiation.  Once that is completed, Joey will start a more aggressive form of chemotherapy here that will last for 18 weeks.  And during that phase, she’s going to be given the opportunity to look more like our sweet little Indiana.  She’s gonna lose all of her pretty dark hair.

The Feeks are so thankful for all the prayers and kind comments from all over. We know that many of you are dealing with cancer or other illnesses too, or watching a loved one go through it. May we all draw near to God and put our complete trust in Him during times like these.