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Joey Feek's Life Honored By Friends and Family
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The life of country/gospel singer and Gaither Homecoming friend Joey Martin Feek was honored this past week in two services—a private funeral service in Tennessee, and a public memorial ceremony hosted by Bill and Gloria Gaither in Joey's home state of Indiana. Joey passed away on Friday, March 4, from cervical cancer.

A couple of years ago, Joey asked Rory if he would write a blog documenting their story—the unique and compelling story that God was creating in their lives. And so Rory began, where he has shared thoughts, songs, stories, joys and sorrows with fans all over. He shared his love for his bride many times, right up until the end of her life and beyond. In his latest post, Rory shares about the private funeral ceremony held March 8th on the Feeks' property, where Joey is now buried.

On Tuesday we laid my beautiful wife to rest. In a grove of sassafras trees behind our farmhouse, with friends and family gathered around, we said goodbye to the greatest person I have ever known.
The ceremony began in the Feeks' barn/concert hall, where the Isaacs sang "It Is Well with My Soul" and Bill Gaither "told stories of swans and deer and the sweet girl who looked out the window from her hospital bed and saw the beauty in life and also in death."

Friends and family shared memories and tears, and Pastor Jerry Young, who had baptized Joey in her Indiana home church, shared the gospel and remembered times shared with Joey. Sandy Lawrence performed, "When I'm Gone," a song she had written for Joey+Rory long before Joey became ill.

A beautiful tribute video from Joey's life was shown during the service, and Rory has shared it on his blog as well.

Joey's pine casket was carried to the gravesite in an 1800s-era wagon pulled by a team of mules, and a simple service was performed by the couple's Tennessee pastor, Mike Glenn. Rory shares many touching and beautiful photos from the cermony here.

On March 13th, hundreds of people gathered for a public memorial service held at a high school in Joey's hometown of Alexandria, Indiana. Bill and Gloria Gaither hosted the service, and Rory was among those who spoke, giving a sweet picture of the love he shared with his wife.

“Joey didn’t learn the secret of love, she sought it out,” he said. “When (God) told her how He did it, she did her best to do it like He does.”

More information and video footage from the public service may be found here and here.