There are junctures in every believer's life where the rubber meets the road. When something happens that we did not expect ... be it illness, loss, heartbreak or simply a huge change. Those are the times when we find out how much we truly trust God. Are we still willing to follow Him, even when life throws us a curveball or two?

For Homecoming friends Joey and Rory Feek, the answer is yes.

You may recall that back in February, Joey gave birth to a precious baby girl they named Indiana Boon--a life-changing event in itself, to be sure. When they discovered that their newborn had Down Syndrome, it was a surprise, but as Rory put it, "We trusted that God would give us the baby He wanted us to have… and He has.  Out of all the parents in the world, He has chosen us to care for and raise this special gift." Months later now, Rory writes, "our days aren’t spent in tears, they’re spent in awe of this amazing chance to love and be loved by this little person."

The little family was settling into a sweet rhythm when another unexpected turn came out of the blue--cancer. In May, Joey was found to have cervical cancer. Once they arrived home from the doctor's office, Rory recalls that Joey was not asking "Why me?" or "Am I going to be OK?" She was worried about only one thing--her baby. For a while, the couple sat and held Indiana, crying and singing these words over and over:

I need Thee every hour, in joy or pain
Come quickly and abide, or life is in vain

I need Thee, O I need Thee
Every hour I need Thee
O bless me now, my Savior
I come to Thee

Then, Rory says, "We said a prayer, dried our tears and decided to put our trust in Him."

Though the cancer was growing aggressively, they had caught it early. Joey underwent a radical hysterectomy to remove the tumor and surrounding areas, and was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation.

Through it all, the Feeks have only grown closer--through their faith and through their love for each other. Rory sums it up in his blog: "People have asked how Joey keeps smiling through all of this.  Well, I think a better question is how can she/we not be filled with joy through all of this?

"The truth is…”cancer” is such a little word compared to the word 'love.'"

We highly recommend visiting Rory's blog,, to read more.