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Jubilee Christmas Tour Partners with Socks for Seniors
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The Jubilee Christmas Tour, featuring Christian artists the Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Legacy Five, is bringing a heartwarming Christmas concert to twelve cities this December, and they want your socks! OK, maybe not your actual socks—the guys wouldn't want you to be left with cold feet! But during their upcoming tour, they will be taking donations of new pairs of socks for a very worthy cause.

After hearing firsthand the needs of many shut-in seniors during colder months, the artists and promoters decided to partner with the national organization Socks for Seniors in an effort to collect and distribute warm socks to area seniors.

Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision says, “Many of the folks that come to our concerts either know people through church, their community or even people in their families that are shut-ins or in nursing homes. We’ve learned that as it gets colder, something as simple as warm socks for these precious people can make all the difference in their comfort. We talked with the guys and decided we want to help make this Christmas season a little warmer for others, and that’s what sparked the idea.”

Tour promoters Landon Beene and Brian Hudson (IMC Concerts) are working with Socks for Seniors to coordinate collection, distribution and some special appearances by the artists to deliver socks. Visit for updates!