Squire Rushnell recounts an amazing true story that happened in the life of Christian author Karen Kingsbury:

(Pictured right: Karen, her daughter Kelsey and son-in-law Kyle smile for photographer Rod Stewart as he captures their divinely aligned day in a picture really worth a thousand words!)

It was an absolutely wonderful day! Karen Kingsbury had become America’s number-one inspirational novelist. Her books were approaching 20 million in sales; she had just been treated royally by the CEO of Simon & Schuster Publishing, Carolyn Reidy; and she was excited about having the remainder of the day to frolic in New York City with her daughter Kelsey and son-in-law Kyle.

As they departed the upper floors of the Sixth Avenue skyscraper, Karen had a familiar impulse to call her biggest fan, her dad, to tell him about this great day. She could picture him: his eyes tearing up and readily proclaiming just how proud he was of her.

But, wait! She had to refrain from that auto-reach for the phone. Her desire to share a common joy with her dad only collided with cold reality and the deep sadness that he was gone. A sudden heart attack had intruded into their lives and taken him away.

Since then, her mind would often drift to a treasured day that Dad came in the house, bursting at the seams, childlike, announcing that he had just heard a song that “says it all.”

“It’s exactly how I feel about you,” he beamed, “Rod Stewart singing, ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?’”

From that moment on, Rod Stewart’s song took on a life of its own, weaving itself into Karen’s heart and every special occasion; through GODwinks, the melody would pop up here, there, and everywhere: in her son’s school play; a Bahamian band on a family vacation; on the set of the first movie based on one of her books. The song was such a monument of affection between Karen and her father that she had the words “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You,” engraved on his gravestone.

Karen, Kelsey and Kyle emerged from the Simon & Schuster building into the cacophony of New York streets. Piling into a yellow cab, Karen said, “Hey, we’ve got time, why don’t we go to that park Carolyn mentioned?”

Within 20 minutes the threesome was strolling the plush and picturesque paths of an aerial greenway overlooking the Hudson River, built on what was once an elevated railroad track.

“Let’s get a picture,” said Kyle, holding his phone’s camera at arm’s length, hoping to get a decent three-shot.

“Can I take that for you?” said a man, a passerby with a mellow voice and spiky hair. He snapped the picture, smiled, and handed the phone back to Kyle.

“Let me see it,” said Karen with anticipation, waiting for Kyle to bring up the photo on the screen.

“Mom,” whispered Kelsey, with tempered urgency, “Do you know who that was?” Her eyes widened, “I think it was Rod Stewart.”

A sense of disbelief rushed over Karen.

The man and his lady companion were now walking away from them, up the pathway. She ran.

“Sir, sir,” she said, breathlessly approaching the couple, “Are...you Rod Stewart?”

He smiled. Put his hand on her arm. “Yes.”

“I have to tell you about my father,” said Karen, earnestly.

As she finished her story, tears formed in Rod’s eyes. His hold on her arm tightened. “You have just made my day,” he said. “May I give you a hug?”

For an extended time, Karen, Kelsey and Kyle lingered on a High Line Park bench, just savoring the grace of God that they had experienced. They marveled at His Divine Alignment — the way in which He causes us, against astronomical odds, to be in exactly the right place at the right moment for His purposes to be achieved.

Their wondering questions were numerous:

“What if we had not decided to visit High Line Park?”

“What if we had walked just a bit slower and hadn’t been there, at that precise moment, to intersect with Rod Stewart?”

“What if Kyle had been satisfied with a two-shot, instead of trying to photograph all three of us?”

Here’s another question: Why was Rod Stewart at a park built on an old railroad trestle? Could it be because he’s infatuated with railroads?

His home in Los Angeles has elaborate model layouts replicating New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads in the 1940s.

It is when you open your eyes to the GODwinks woven into the Divine Alignment of your everyday existence, that you discover that God is downright astonishing.

And, the closer you get to Him, the better you understand the lyrics to the song God, Himself, is singing to you: “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”