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Kelly Nelon Clark and Amber Nelon Thompson to Play Mother and Daughter in Upcoming Film
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In addition to her love for singing, Kelly Nelon Clark has always had the desire to act, and she has been blessed with several opportunities within the past year or so. She has appeared in the films Virtuous and His Love Is Blind, as well as the television programs "Drop Dead Diva" and "Resurrection."

Now, Kelly and one of her daughters, Amber Nelon Thompson, have been cast to appear in an upcoming faith-based film together—as mother and daughter! Amber reports that she and Kelly will begin work on the film in May.

The heartwarming story of The Reins Maker reveals the courage, faith and redemption of a young girl, Penny Foster, who faces seemingly insurmountable odds in following her dream to be a great jockey.

Penny's severe dyslexia and speech impediment are not her only barriers; she also faces obstacles that only poverty can breed, living in a rundown river house by the racetracks. Her mother strives to help Penny overcome her challenges, but they are dealt a tough blow when Penny's father, an ex-country music star who now works in the stables at the track, is sentenced to prison. When her mother falls ill a few years later, Penny grows more and more discouraged and resentful as she is forced to fight for her very survival. When all seems hopeless, Penny's life is changed forever when she encounters an old man in a tack shop and discovers the courage to go after her dreams.

Kelly has been cast in the supporting role of Ruth, and Amber will portray her daughter, Becky. In a video posted on her Facebook page, Kelly says, “This is such an inspirational story, and it will touch lives for years to come. I’m here to tell you that God gives us a hope and future, and if you’re in a bad situation or you feel hopeless, this film is for you.”

The Reins Maker is produced by Michael Arnold and Fire Catcher Productions.