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Kelly Nelon Clark to Appear on "Resurrection"
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Kelly Nelon Clark will soon appear in ABC’s sci-fi drama, “Resurrection.” She had previously worked on the show “Drop Dead Diva” and had become friends with the casting director, who called her for the part in “Resurrection.” Kelly portrayed a cafeteria worker on the first day and commented, “To say the least, I was not glamorous, but I did get to be in a scene with one of the stars, Michelle Fairley.” Later, Kelly’s character appeared as a “returned.”

She enjoyed the experience and was grateful that God seemed to arrange some "divine appointments" for her, posting this on Facebook:

Today I was speaking with two ladies, one a PA (production assistant) and the other a mother of three children, two of which have hearing loss. We were discussing options the children (who are now 19 and 23) had for hearing. The mom told me about In Ears, which we as singers use as monitors. She said the "ears" that they have allow them to hear the tiniest noise. I said yes, I use those as a singer to hear the music and my voice better. It saves the voice.

The PA next to me said, "What kind of music do you sing?" and I said Christian music, like Gaither-style. Her eyes got huge and she looked at me and said, "What is your name?" I told her. She began to hold her mouth and I thought she was going to cry. She kind of bent over and when she raised back up she said, "I have listened to 'Oh, For A Thousand Tongues' forever. It has to be one of the greatest worship songs I have ever heard. I have your music on my iPod and it has brought me through many trying days."

I stood there almost crying myself. You see, many days we spend on the road, and sometimes you wonder if anyone is affected by what you do. They may not know it but God brought those two Christian ladies on the set of "Resurrection" to let me know that He is faithful and what we do is not and has not been in vain. I am so overwhelmed with God's goodness and mercy that I could either shout or cry. Maybe both! I hope she finds this status and knows that both of them touched my life today. Be encouraged for whatever you do for Jesus is NOT in vain!

As of this writing, we do not know when this episode will be airing on ABC. Follow Kelly on Facebook for more updates!