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LaBreeska Hemphill Recovering from Brain Surgery
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LaBreeska Hemphill, matriarch of the legendary gospel music family the Hemphills, is recovering well from a recent brain surgery. Several weeks ago, LaBreeska began suffering from frequent headaches. After finding no relief, she decided to see a doctor. Further investigation revealed a large mass pushing against LaBreeska’s brain, and she was rushed immediately to Nashville's Vanderbilt Hospital to see a specialist. The diagnosis of a brain mass was confirmed, and surgery was scheduled. On March 14, what was supposed to be a three to five hour intense surgery, successfully ended in just an hour and a half. The doctor stated, "We have a sea of good news, and a best-case scenario." The biopsy of the mass returned benign, and LaBreeska is now home and recovering very well.
LaBreeska is grateful for the outcome and for the prayers and support of loved ones. "It was the prayers of my precious family and friends and my Father God that made all the difference."
The entire Hemphill family is extremely thankful for the kind words, prayers, acts of kindness, cards, food and donations LaBreeska has received during this trying time. Candy Hemphill Christmas says, “On behalf of my brothers, Trent and Joey, and my father, Joel Hemphill, thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! My mother is the glue that holds this family together and we thank God that she is making a full recovery!”
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