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Laughlines: Charlotte Ritchie
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It turns out that an angelic singing voice is only one of many talents possessed by Charlotte Ritchie. She and Andy chat about her “handyman” skills, wedding mishaps and her childhood affection for one Bo Duke...

ANDY: So glad to talk to you! I told my boys that we were about to connect on the phone and Adam, the 9-year-old, said, “I love Charlotte Ritchie! Her hair reminds me of red-velvet cake!”

CHARLOTTE: Ha! That is great. Well, I’m excited to be doing this, too. No hard questions though, OK?

ANDY: They won’t be hard questions … just unusual ones! So let’s begin: Who is the most surprising person on your iPod?

CHARLOTTE: Justin Timberlake.

ANDY: Seriously! I liked that weird movie he did, too. Out of Time, I think, was the name of it. What song was played for the first dance at your wedding?

CHARLOTTE: Well, Greg was very sick. In fact, he had a high fever and passed out twice during the ceremony!

ANDY: No way! Did you think he was trying to get out of it?

CHARLOTTE: (laughing) No, I knew he was really sick. But to answer your original question, needless to say, there was no dancing at our wedding!

ANDY: What did you want to be when you were a child?

CHARLOTTE: A pediatrician. And I still want to go to medical school one day. I may be 90 when I graduate, but it will happen!

ANDY: That is very cool. And you could have your own CDs playing in your waiting room. What was your first job?

CHARLOTTE: I was a waitress.

ANDY: First car?

CHARLOTTE: I don’t remember the make or model, but it was old and silver with a standard-shift transmission.

ANDY: Tell Greg I rolled my eyes at you. That is such a “girl” thing to say! How can you not know what kind of car was your first one? Old and silver? Good grief!

CHARLOTTE: (laughing)Well, I do remember having good times with friends…

ANDY: OK, I won’t hassle you too much on this subject. Who was your role model growing up?

CHARLOTTE: Sandi Patty.

ANDY: Great role model. I love Sandi and her whole family. Whom have you met that you were the most nervous to meet?

CHARLOTTE: John Schneider. I was a “Dukes of Hazzard” fan and I loved Bo Duke! Several years ago, I was part of the cast for an episode of “Touched By An Angel.” John Schneider was also part of that cast. I got to meet him and even asked for his autograph! So fun!

ANDY: Who would you say is your most memorable relative?

CHARLOTTE: Definitely my mom. She was a beautiful example of Christ. She was a quiet person who spoke loudly through her actions. She passed away six years ago, but lives on in the love, values and traditions she instilled in those she loved.

ANDY: What was your most memorable Christmas gift?

CHARLOTTE: One year, Cabbage Patch Dolls were THE gift to receive. But, statistically speaking, the chances for me to get one did not look good. Well, Christmas morning came and I didn’t get a Cabbage Patch Doll. I got two! My mom was one of the very cool parents who spent the night on the sidewalk and did all kinds of crazy things to get those gifts for me. Such an awesome memory!

ANDY: We’re in the home stretch now… mountains or beach?

CHARLOTTE: Mountains.

ANDY: Morning person or night owl?

CHARLOTTE: 100 percent night owl!

ANDY: Hidden talent?

CHARLOTTE: I’m very good at packing.

ANDY: Your family spends a lot of time on a bus. You’d have to be!

CHARLOTTE: I’m also very good with a hammer and a saw.

ANDY: Ha! That’s a great visual! What do you collect?

CHARLOTTE: Art. A painting can absolutely capture my heart.

ANDY: Last question: Favorite football team?

CHARLOTTE: The Mississippi State Bulldogs.

ANDY: Well, my wife, Polly, is from Mississippi so she will be very proud of you! See you soon?

CHARLOTTE: Without a doubt!

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