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Laughlines: Gordon Mote
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ANDY: Gordon! Starting with an easy question, one I’m sure you know the answer to — what are your favorite colors?

GORDON: Crimson and white.

ANDY: Yes, my friend! You are correct! Roll Tide and congratulations on your 14th National Championship!

GORDON: Thank you! Yes, I believe the team owes you and me a debt of gratitude. No one could have possibly cheered louder!

ANDY: That is true. OK. Now that you and I have done what we intended and annoyed our less fortunate football friends…on to some other questions! Where did you meet your beautiful wife, Kimberly?

GORDON: We were both music students at Belmont. We were in a group called IMAGE and met in a Cracker Barrel. It was love at first sound!

ANDY: Ha! You got a great wife and a great joke. Gordon, what is your earliest memory?

GORDON: Gosh…I remember banging on the piano at about 2 years old. I actually remember hearing the notes.

ANDY: If you could interview anyone — living or dead — who would it be? And the answer can’t be Jesus.

GORDON: Why can’t I say Jesus?

ANDY: Because that’s an easy answer. Gordon, we would all say Jesus!

GORDON: OK…if I can’t say Jesus… I’m going with Paul “Bear” Bryant.

ANDY: Ooooh! Good answer! Good answer! You know, I have a 40-year-old postcard someone once sent to my dad and the picture on it is of Bear Bryant walking on water!

GORDON: Ha! I have seen that! Photoshop is a wonderful thing! Coach Bryant had an incredible way of getting the most out of people.

ANDY: Hey buddy, if you could tell a blind child anything, what would that be?

GORDON: Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. My parents never told me what I couldn’t do. I just did things. So come on, kids! Make the most of your opportunities. Rock it!

ANDY: Awesome. OK, what was the happiest moment in your life?

GORDON: That’s easy. The day I got married and every one of the days we had children. Andy, think about it…I actually got to marry the only girl I ever loved! Then, with the children, it was the start of something huge. And it is still incredible today.

ANDY: Gordon, do you ever actually think about being blind?

GORDON: Hmm… Well, I don’t wake up and think about it. But the times I do think about it are when we are dealing with transportation issues. Kimberly is Super Woman. I mean, hey…parents who have two drivers in the family are stressed out. We have one driver for the soccer games and the dance classes and she has to drive me to the studio, too! It is inconvenient. I guess those are the times when I think about it.

ANDY: OK… Favorite food?

GORDON: Chocolate. Mexican food and chocolate.

ANDY: That’s an odd combination, Gordon. What food do you hate?

GORDON: Well, I don’t eat chocolate and Mexican food together. And I hate corn and I hate bananas.

ANDY: What?! Everybody likes corn and bananas! Dude, you need to say something like liver or people are going to think you’re strange.

GORDON: Corn and bananas.

ANDY: OK then. Your call. And you ARE strange. Favorite author?

GORDON: John Grisham, Stuart Woods.

ANDY: That’s two, but I’ll let it go.

GORDON: I appreciate that. If you’d have given me three, I might have included you.

ANDY: Oh. Seriously? Let’s say three then…

GORDON: All right. Put me down for John Grisham, Stuart Woods and Ian Fleming. Ha! I said I might have included you. Sorry.

ANDY: (laughing) OK, OK. Sheesh. You are truly one of my funniest friends! Let’s close it out. Here’s a great question for you. Particularly you. What is your favorite sound?

GORDON: The beach. I love the beach.

ANDY: Very cool. Thanks Gordon! And I will see you and your family at least one day at our house during Spring Break… at the beach!

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