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Laughlines: Jeff & Sheri Easter
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ANDY: Hey Sheri! Hey Jeff! I am excited to connect with you two.

JEFF & SHERI: We’re excited too! We have the speakerphone cranked up and are ready when you are.

ANDY: OK, let’s dive right in. How did you meet and who spoke first?

SHERI: We met at an event in Springdale, Arkansas. We were both there to sing. It was at a rodeo arena…

JEFF: …and I was wearing my pink jacket with the sleeves rolled up. That was in the “Miami Vice” days, you know. She noticed me, but I saw her noticing me, so I really noticed her. Then I went and talked to her mother.

ANDY: (Laughing) Well, it obviously worked out. When you had kids, did you ever worry that one of them might not be able to carry a tune?

SHERI: No, there’s not a chance of that in this family. Jeff and I come from generations of musical folks.

JEFF: That’s right. Now Maura, though… she’ll change keys on ya in a heartbeat. But she’s only 7.

ANDY: Who has the most speeding tickets between you?

SHERI: Jeff does the most driving.

JEFF: That was good, honey. I have never seen a question dodged any better. But the answer to your question, Andy, is Sheri. She got started early on with a couple of them in 1983.

SHERI: How do you remember that? I haven’t gotten any since…

JEFF: The point is that you still have more than me!

Ha! You two crack me up. Let’s try this: Whose closet is the messiest?

SHERI: Totally Jeff.

JEFF: Wait a minute! My closet is clean. I cleaned it out!

SHERI: Yes, Jeff, you did. Once. And I think it was the day I got my second speeding ticket … in 1983.

ANDY: I should just be quiet and write down what you two say! Can I stow away on your bus and listen to you talk? I’d have enough material for a library full of books!


SHERI: Well, I am neat by heredity. And I suppose Jeff turned out messy the same way.

ANDY: What do you mean?

SHERI: My grandmother was a persnickety woman. She was a neat — everything in its place — kind of person. On the other hand, Jeff’s granddaddy owned a junkyard!

ANDY: (Laughing) OK, let me take a breath here… I am curious. Between you two, whom does Bill Gaither like the most?

SHERI: Jeff. Hands down. They are great buddies. But I do Bill’s hair.

JEFF: You don’t need to claim that…

ANDY: Phobias. What scares you?

SHERI: Roller coasters, bungee jumps, any thrill ride.

JEFF: I’m scared of screaming preachers.

ANDY: Me, too. What do you like … salty or sweet?

JEFF: Both.

SHERI: Salty. I don’t need sweets, but a bag of chips will lead me astray.

ANDY: We have a huge passion in common. We are all three huge Don Williams fans. How did that come about for you?

JEFF: Sheri says her daddy was a lot like Don. I know this, though … we put Don Williams’ Greatest Hits in the bus years ago, and that’s one CD that’s never left the vehicle.

ANDY: I am with you. My boys are 13 and 11 and crazy about Don’s music. And with all the people I have met, I never met him — even during my “Nashville Now” days.

JEFF: Sounds like it’s left a hole in your life.

ANDY: (Laughing) I don’t disagree! I really do want to meet him one day. OK … one last question: You practically live on a bus. What is one thing that annoys you about the other that you’ve just learned to live with?

SHERI: Jeff’s clutter. He leaves stuff everywhere.

JEFF: I would say that I had to get used to Sheri’s attention to detail. But it wasn’t too hard. After all, I did get married because I was tired of finishing my own sentences!