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Laughlines: Lynda Randle
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Conversations with Andy Andrews, “America’s Noticer”. This time Andy talks summer fun with Lynda Randle and throws in a history lesson on the side.

ANDY ANDREWS: Lynda! I am so excited to chat with you today!

LYNDA RANDLE: Well, I’m excited too. And maybe a little nervous. I know that you don’t ask ordinary questions.

ANDY: That’s true. What’s the fun in “ordinary”?

LYNDA: I agree, so let’s go. Shoot.

ANDY: What is your most favorite vacation spot?

LYNDA: Well, there ya go. No one has ever asked me that…

ANDY: Good! I’m proud! So what is your answer?

LYNDA: The beach. Any beach, really, but we love Myrtle Beach.

ANDY: Nice! You should visit us in Orange Beach.

LYNDA: I feel a little unsure about a beach named after a color.

ANDY: Seriously? You have no problem going to a beach named after an elderly woman!

LYNDA: (laughing) You know, I never thought of it that way. I suppose that is an elderly woman’s name. I’m not meeting many little girls named Myrtle.

ANDY: No, you aren’t. Here’s a little-known fact about your favorite vacation spot. When that particular beach town was founded more than a century ago, four women fought for the right to have the place named after them. Myrtle beat Agnes in the semi-finals and after Edna was outscored in the other match, Myrtle knocked out Gladys in the finals.

LYNDA: (laughing) You are absolutely crazy!

ANDY: I may be, but a hundred years ago, before you were even born, that beautiful area was one right uppercut away from being named Gladys Beach! And that is an absolutely true story that I just made up! Do you cook on vacation?

LYNDA: No! Who cooks on vacation?

ANDY: My mom did … Who’s the better cook, you or your husband Mike?

LYNDA: Me, for sure. My specialty is potato salad. You know, Gloria says that my potato salad is the best she has ever had!

ANDY: I believe her. You and Wes Hampton should get together and collaborate on a cookbook. Here’s something I am always curious about: When did you know — really know — that you were gifted with an amazing voice?

LYNDA: I was 17 or 18 when I began taking it seriously. In a way, I see myself as a speaker of sorts. I attempt to communicate on stage and whether the words are spoken or sung, they are a gift from God through me to an audience. I am amazed and humbled by the experience every time.

ANDY: Is there a favorite venue in which you have performed?

LYNDA: Yes. I did the national anthem before a game in the Kansas City Royals’ stadium. Then, several weeks later, I sang in the same stadium for a Billy Graham crusade.

ANDY: Do you have any phobias?

LYNDA: Probably just “thrill seeking” in general. I am not a daredevil. No bungee jumping or roller coasters for me!

ANDY: Lynda, give me an example of a time when you knew God’s hand was on your life…

LYNDA: I was speaking and singing at a women’s conference in Arizona when I was 27 years old. Gloria Gaither was there and from the stage, in front of everyone, she spoke to me and said, “I just love you and want to take you home!” In a way, I have been a part of the Gaither family ever since.

ANDY: Thanks so much for the time, Lynda. You are the best.

LYNDA: Thank you, Andy.

ANDY: If you are good, one day I’ll tell you the story of the pioneer girl named Ana who was raised by Apaches in the area of our country now called Indiana…

LYNDA: (laughing as she hangs up)