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Laughlines: Matthew Holt
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Andy welcomes GVB’s new pianist Matthew Holt to the Homecoming Family with a conversation that teaches the newbie a thing or two about how Andy gets things done!

ANDY: Matthew! First of all, as one who was there for about a week of your audition … CONGRATULATIONS! I am excited that you are the Gaithers’ new keyboard guy!

MATTHEW: Thanks, Andy. I’m excited, too.

ANDY: You should be! You are now in an elite group of folks — a very small group — who have ever done what you are now doing. And now, how about getting to know you a little better? Do you do a New Year’s resolution?

MATTHEW: Yes. It’s always to lose a little weight.

ANDY: Always? You’ve made this resolution before?

MATTHEW: Ahh … yes. Every year.

ANDY: (laughing) How long do your resolutions last?

MATTHEW: (also laughing) About a month.

ANDY: Ha! That’s not a resolution. You are making New Year’s hopes! But as I look at you, it’s probably not that necessary. You look fine.

MATTHEW: Thanks, what about you?

ANDY: I keep my resolution all year. Never back out. Not even tempted.

MATTHEW: Wow. What do you do to hang in there?

ANDY: If you really want to know…and maybe this would help you… For me, consistency and discipline are all in the choice of resolution.

MATTHEW: What do you mean?

ANDY: I have found that if my resolution is to not make any New Year’s resolutions, I have an easy time with the whole concept of keeping that promise to myself.

MATTHEW: (laughing) I see what you mean.

ANDY: It works, let me tell you. Hey, here’s an odd question for you. You travel … you work with and meet fascinating people … What do you collect?

MATTHEW: Nothing.

ANDY: Matthew… I have been doing these interviews for Homecoming Magazine for a while now. I feel some personal responsibility to Bill and Gloria. Still, over time, I suspect the readers might have decided I am rather boring. That is where you come in. This is a one-shot deal for you. You can’t afford to blow it at the end with an answer that is … well, boring. Nothing? You collect … nothing?

MATTHEW: Yeah, nothing. I’d tell you if I did, but I don’t. Nothing. I collect nothing. I can’t lie about it.

ANDY: Oh yes, you can! (both laughing) If I were you, that’s exactly what I would do! Lie! Brother, I think I’d rather be lied to than bored to death! And think of the opportunity here. Think of how many loyal readers there are to this magazine. There are folks out there who LOVE Bill and Gloria and the Vocal Band and the Homecoming artists and, by association, YOU. Whatever you say you collect, several of those people are liable to send you additions to your “collection!”

MATTHEW: Seriously?

ANDY: Yes!

MATTHEW: You know, I DO collect Corvettes.

ANDY: (laughing) Perfect answer. Thanks for the time!

MATTHEW: Absolutely. I enjoyed it. Also, I collect grand pianos. Corvettes and grand pianos.

ANDY: I’ll write that down.

MATTHEW: And boats.

ANDY: Goodbye, Matthew.