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Laughlines: The Isaacs
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In addition to sharing a love for music, the Isaacs family loves to laugh…especially at each other! Andy manages to get them all in one place, and the games begin…

ANDY: Well, this is exciting! You know that you are my favorites, but this is a little odd. I don’t know that I have ever seen you all in one place unless you were performing! Now, you know this is not the usual “how-did-you- get-started-and-what-is-your-favorite-hymn” kind of interview. This will be fun! So let’s get right to it, starting with Sonya — how has being a parent changed you?

SONYA: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear the question. I was asleep.(laughing)

ANDY: Well, there’s the answer.

SONYA: It is true that I am sleeping less, but I love being with Ayden so much that it really doesn’t matter. And I see so many comparisons between how God loves us and how much I love Ayden.

ANDY: Lily, at what age was Ben bigger than you?

LILY: He was bigger than me when he was 14. He could eat a Big Mac when he was born! I thanked God every day that Ben was well-behaved.

ANDY: Becky, what movie do you never get tired of watching?

ALL: (Groaning) We can answer that for her!

BECKY: I love Grease. Oh…and Napoleon Dynamite! Both those movies provide one-liners for the rest of your life. Here’s a one-liner from Napoleon Dynamite that I use a lot: “Are you drinking one percent because you think you’re fat?”

ANDY: Benjamin, what’s your favorite time of day?

BEN: Morning. It’s fresh. Everyone is there, my whole family…it’s the thought of a new beginning.

BECKY: I am so opposite from that. I like the night.

BEN:  Yeah, well, you’re a vampire! (laughing)

ANDY: Becky, what’s the craziest dare you have ever gone through with?

BECKY: Once when I was about 15, Ben and a friend dared me to keep Copenhagen in my lip for 10 minutes without spitting. They offered 20 bucks apiece. I did it and went immediately to Goody’s and bought an outfit.

BEN: She was tough.

BECKY: I was the brother Ben never had. One day I’ll tell you the stories of how I could “take him” in wrestling!

ANDY: Lily, if you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it?

LILY: Sitting in the sun with a glass of lemonade and a great book.

ANDY: Lily, how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you actually are?

LILY: I think about 35. I have a lot of energy

ANDY: Ben, if you were not working in the music industry and could choose any other career, what would you be doing?

BEN: Architectural engineering. And I love working with my hands, so maybe even a mechanic.

ANDY: Becky…as his favorite aunt, if you could offer Ayden one piece of advice, what would it be?

BECKY: People in your life will come and go, but your family is forever.

ANDY: Here’s a question for everybody — what is your proudest professional achievement?

SONYA: Being true to the sound of the music we love even when the odds were against us.

LILY: Witnessing to a homeless person who was deaf. He didn’t know who we were and couldn’t have appreciated our sound even if he had known.

BEN: For me, it would be producing an album for people like the Oak Ridge Boys or the Gaither Vocal Band. Directing, creating and shaping the next step in someone’s life and career is an awesome responsibility and incredibly rewarding for me.

ANDY: For anyone — what day of your life would you like to live over again?

LILY: The first day I went to Israel.

SONYA: The day I met Jimmy. (Ben groans and rolls his eyes as everyone laughs.)

ANDY: Last question. Who in your family pushes the elevator button more than once? (Immediately, everyone points to Becky and dissolves into laughter!)

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