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Laughlines: Lulu Roman
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Andy hee-haws it up with one of country’s favorite ladies, Lulu Roman! Fresh off of stealing the show at the highlyanticipated “Hee Haw Reunion” taping, Lulu and Andy sit down to discuss much more serious fare. Right...

ANDY: Lulu! It is great to talk to you! How long has it been since we’ve seen each other?

LULU: Since I was on “Hee Haw” and you were on “Nashville Now.”

ANDY: Wow! So only two years…

LULU: Yes. (laughing) ONLY!

ANDY: I can’t wait to begin. As you know, I have a pathological fear of boredom. Therefore, these questions will be a bit odd. Ready?

LULU: I’m always ready. Fire away.

ANDY: If you could live in a different time in history, when would it be?

LULU: Probably the ’20s or ’30s. I adore the art and the music. I am very much an art-deco person.

ANDY: What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

LULU: The worst?

ANDY: Yes. Everyone else would ask, “What is the best?” To me, it’s much more interesting to know what you hated!

LULU: OK then…Remains of the Day. The ending was sad. But I also hated Creature From the Black Lagoon. They showed it at the orphanage where I grew up, and I spent years absolutely certain that nasty thing was under my bed!

ANDY: (laughing). What is on your iPod right now?

LULU: Hmm…Natalie Grant. Chris Rice. Adele. Aretha. Laura Story. Oh! And Lady Antebellum.

ANDY: That’s a nice mix. What is your idea of earthly happiness?

LULU: Comfort. (laughing) Actually, “comfort” to me would be resting and knowing that God will supply all my needs. Not necessarily my wants, but my needs.

ANDY: What is your all-time favorite fictional character?

LULU: Pepé LePew.

ANDY: (laughing) Great answer!

LULU: I’m just being honest, my dear.

ANDY: All right then…who is your real-life hero?

LULU: Aretha Franklin.

ANDY: Really? Have you met her?

LULU: I never have.

ANDY: You know Aretha subscribes to Homecoming Magazine…

LULU: What?! Are you being serious?

ANDY: No, I’m not. But I think she SHOULD subscribe.

LULU: You haven’t changed a bit!

ANDY: Is that a compliment? No, wait. Don’t answer that. Here’s a strange question. If you could choose, how would you prefer to die?

LULU: Onstage singing... (long pause) or in my sleep.

ANDY: Either?

LULU: Let me say, “In my sleep, dreaming that I was onstage singing.”

ANDY: (laughing) Perfect! Let’s finish with a flurry. I want your first choice…ready?

LULU: Yes. Shoot.

ANDY: “I Love Lucy” or “Mary Tyler Moore”?

LULU: Lucy

ANDY: Dogs or cats?

LULU: Dogs.

ANDY: Asphalt or dirt road?

LULU: Asphalt. I don’t want to get my feet dirty.

ANDY: Oscar or Felix?

LULU: Oscar.

ANDY: Yeah, me too. Mountains or beach?

LULU: Mountains.

ANDY: Ice cream or cookies?

LULU: Ice cream, definitely.

ANDY: Letterman or Leno?

LULU: Neither. I love Craig Ferguson!

ANDY: Super Bowl or Olympics?

LULU: Olympics.

ANDY: Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics?

LULU: Winter. I hate the heat.

ANDY: I don’t know if anyone ever told you this, but you don’t have to participate. You can just sit there and watch…

LULU: Then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll just watch. While I’m eating ice cream. In the mountains.

ANDY: At your home near the end of a beautiful asphalt road?

LULU: Yes. And the bobsledding will be on right after “I Love Lucy”!

ANDY: (laughing) Ha! You are the best!

LULU: Bye Andy…

ANDY: Bye Lulu!

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