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Laughlines: Your Family
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When Bill and Gloria asked me to do interviews for Homecoming Magazine, I believe they had an idea that my questions would not be … well, let’s say “normal.” Now, knowing this behind-the-scenes information, I can imagine many of you smiling, shaking your head and saying, “Mission accomplished.”

It is true and I readily admit it. The questions I have asked our Homecoming artists have not been ordinary. Ordinary … normal … everyday … however you describe questions of that type, the common denominator is that they are all boring.

Representing you, the loyal readers of Homecoming Magazine, why would I ask questions to which you already knew the answers? So I don’t ask what a person’s favorite verse might be, or their favorite song. I want to dig deeply into a forgotten wellspring of enlightening or funny facts and opinions these public figures have never been asked.

I asked Ken Davis what I might be surprised to find in his refrigerator. He answered, “Cucumbers soaking in vinegar and a big bowl of eyeball salad.” See what I mean? In a million years, would you have guessed his reply?

Check your back issues. You’ll be amazed to learn the answers some of your favorites gave when pressed with queries such as What food will you not eat under any circumstance? Or What song are you embarrassed for anyone to know is on your iPod? How about If you had free rein with no repercussions to tell your spouse one thing they needed to change, what would that one thing be?

Here is a curious truth: Everyone likes questions that are out of the ordinary — even the person being interviewed. Great questions lead to laughter, insight and, ultimately, to greater relationships. Be certain to understand that it is the question that leads to this growth. The answer can only be as good as the question. And that is why I often say that the quality of our answers can only be determined by the quality of our questions.

In order to prompt greater relationships in your family, this issue I’m giving my questions to you to use with your friends or family members. From me to you, here are 10 great questions to get your family talking and laughing in a way you might never have before. Have fun!

What is the name of a song you once loved, but heard so often that you can now barely stand to listen to it?

What is the last thing you removed from your refrigerator that was ruined and so obviously old that you didn’t even check the date before trashing it?

What is the most ridiculous name you’ve ever heard that someone named a pet? Or a child?!

At what point in your life did you most feel like crying, but actually managed to hold your tears?

If you could have dinner with three people from history, whom would you choose?

Whose team would you be most likely to join … Batman or Superman?

If you could make a five-minute phone call to your 18-year-old self, what advice or caution would you give?

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about yourself, what might that be?

What part of your personality would you hope your child inherits and what part do you pray they do not?

Where do you hide your extra money?

OK, since the last one was a joke, allow me to include a bonus game to play with family and friends. This is simple and really great for new people to get acquainted.

Taking turns around the room, each person declares three “facts” about themselves. Two of these revelations are true, but one must be a lie. Then, before the lie is revealed, the others say which fact they think is untrue!

I’d love to hear some of the great questions you come up with. Post them on my Facebook page at I’ll sign my new book, The Noticer Returns, to the three people whose questions we think are the best!