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Legacy of Love
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I just want all of the Gaither vocalists and musicians to know that their music means so much to so many. I am a nurse. An older patient at the end of her time, who could no longer do much of anything, had a multitude of your CDs at her bedside. Every time I went into her room, there was a slight smile on her face and her foot was tapping to your tunes.

One night, she asked me if I was happy. “Sure,” I said. Her eyes pierced mine. “You don’t have to take this world with you, not this pain (she waved her hands as if to say ‘of this hospital’), nor all sorrows and regrets, but Jesus is on both sides. He calls out to you through this music, and His promises are real.”

Taken aback, my eyes filled with tears as I heard the chorus from “Fool’s Gold.” I felt Jesus grip my heart.

“I will see you at His side,” she said. That night, she went to Jesus.

I have often thought of what she said. Now, I listen to your music often, as it brings me to those gentle tears of knowing that I am loved and that is enough. Thank you for giving us such beautiful music, so that we know that Jesus is real.

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