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Libbi Perry Stuffle Recovering from Heart Attack
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On Saturday, July 26, Libbi Perry Stuffle of the Perrys suffered a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. After undergoing some tests, Libbi was sent to get a heart cath. While in the hospital, Libbi posted the following on her Facebook page:

"Well, God is good again! Dr. Bennett did a heart cath and found my main artery on the front side of my heart was 99% blocked with some damage to the heart from the heart attack. He was able to put a stent in to fix it ...  I have been given strict orders no lifting, pulling, or anything other than rest for two to three weeks. Yes, I will listen because I want the damaged places of my heart to heal! Tracy has handled this very well, like a trooper! Please continue to pray for us! I deeply appreciate every prayer that has been lifted for me and my family. The group's schedule will continue as planned. I love you all and will see you in a couple of weeks!"

Then on July 29, she posted this:

"Doing the happy dance (very carefully of course)! I CAN GO HOME TODAY!! Whoop, Whoop! Strict orders to rest and try to relieve some stress! Hummm, gonna take some doing, but gonna try!"

Please pray for Libbi's continued recovery as she gets back to her normal schedule, and pray for Tracy and Jared as well. You can find updates on the Perrys' Facebook page.