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LIZ CURTIS HIGGS: The Girl’s Still Got It
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The walls of Nashville’s historic Belmont Mansion echoed with laughter as author and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs addressed a group of women in July as part of her “Bad Girls Thank-You Tour.” Still cutting-edge fresh after 15 years, Liz’s best-selling “Bad Girls” series has helped more than a million women experience God’s grace anew.

This year, Liz celebrates a reprint of the book that started it all, Bad Girls of the Bible, and introduces a brand-new DVD curriculum featuring short segments on the 10 Bad Girls — perfect for group or personal Bible studies. A self-described former “bad girl” herself, Liz has a certain empathy for these characters and sees in their lives not only cautionary tales of what not to do, but, in many cases, God’s extension of grace.

As a teacher, Liz is genuine, warm, insightful, and hilariously, disarmingly funny. She is a unique blend in that she is an extrovert, a true “people person,” but she also loves to retreat into her writing room and dig deeply into research for her books. The dangerous side of it, she admits, is that she enjoys the research so much, it’s sometimes hard to start writing the books! “My editor will say, ‘So, how’s the book coming?’ And I say, ‘Well, the research is coming great!’ And she says, ‘No, I want to know how many words you’ve actually written.’”

Liz must be doing something right; she has now authored 31 books, both fiction and nonfiction, with more than 4.5 million copies in print, all while maintaining a busy schedule of speaking engagements before thousands of women in multiple countries. In addition to the newly printed Bad Girls of the Bible, she has recently published The Girl’s Still Got It, a relevant, meaty and highly entertaining 21st-century take on the book of Ruth. An avid reader, Liz was delighted to explore Ruth not only for its profound spiritual truths, but also because “as a book of the Bible, it has a complete story arc.”

Also from Waterbrook Press, she introduces The Women of Christmas, a Christmas-themed Bible study presented as a beautiful gift book, available September 17. “Christmas is the one time that you can put in a nonbeliever’s hand something about Jesus, and they won’t shrink back; it doesn’t feel so forced to them. It’s Christmas! Have a gift!” she says, with a laugh.

Turning the focus from shepherds and wise men, Liz explores the stories of Elizabeth, Mary and Anna from the book of Luke, revealing insights to help readers connect with these women who played key roles surrounding the birth of Jesus. She hopes that readers, whether Christians or nonbelievers, will then be drawn in “to that baby, in that manger, who came for them. Always, the bottom line is Jesus.”

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