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Looking Back
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I was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, at the end of WWII. The late ’40s and ’50s were good years and I have wonderful memories of my childhood growing up in a small town on the prairies. I think this is why I love to look at pictures of old homes and reminisce about times when life was simpler than it is now.

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Old Homes

When I see a house
That is old and decrepit,
A feeling of sadness
Moves over my heart.

But I do not see
The wood now old,
Nor steps worn down
And crooked.

I do not see
The broken roof,
Where rain can come
And wet the floor.

I do not see
The dust that has come
Through the cracks in the walls
And under the door.

Instead I can see
A house built with love,
Plans for the future
And hopes for tomorrow.

In spite of the trials
That each family faced,
The rooms rang with laughter
Each child is held close.

A new baby born
Fresh bread in the oven
And children are playing
A game in the kitchen.

The wood box is full
And the cow has been milked,
The chickens are fed
And the eggs have been picked.

So I don’t see a house
That’s abandoned and worn,
I see memories here that were
Created and born.

                                                                 — Shirley Slopianka