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Love Is In The Air
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We checked in to see how some of your favorite Homecoming Friends are spending Valentine’s Day this year...

Bill and Gloria Gaither will be enjoying a nice dinner with friends, then heading to an Indiana Pacers basketball game....sounds like fun! Hope Bill doesn't cheer too loudly...gotta keep the voice in shape for those Homecoming dates!

Some are choosing to head for toastier climates, like Karen Peck Gooch. “Fortunately, Rickey and I will be on a Bahamas cruise enjoying some warm weather! He’s always very thoughtful with giving me cards and candy.” She may rub elbows with Libbi Stuffle: “Tracy and I will be on the Singing at Sea cruise on Valentine’s Day. I planned a massage for him at the spa, then we’re enjoying supper by ourselves!” Kelly Nelon reached us on Twitter to say that she’ll be soaking up some rays at the Magic Kingdom. “We are heading down to Disney for a magical day with Mickey and some friends from Sweden. It’s always fun going with someone who has never been!”

Their holiday destination sounds a little chillier, but hopefully Mike and Kelly Bowling (pictured left) can snuggle up to keep warm: “Mike and I will be in Colorado on a strategically planned business trip—without the children. We are super-excited to be spending time together in such a beautiful place. My heart is pretty happy just thinking about it! After the last year and a half, I am happy to be anywhere with him, but feeling especially blessed this year!”

Solveig Leithaug has a full day of Valentine’s activities planned with her family: “True to tradition, I plan to make heart-shaped Norwegian pancakes for our family breakfast, served with fresh berries. This year, I’m volunteering for my son John’s 5th grade class, at their ‘Valentine’s Olympic Games’. Later, my very own private gourmet chef (my husband Jim) has plans to make dinner. I’m very happy to say after nearly three years of marriage, love is still in the air!” (Pictured right: Jim and Solveig)

Russ and Tori Taff are planning a sweet (and yummy!) family celebration as well: “Russ will be out of town until late Valentine's evening, so we will be celebrating a day late-- not an unusual occurrence when you are married to a singer! We will have a family dinner featuring everyone's favorite foods (last year's menu included steak, sausage rice casserole and shrimp!) Russ always buys boxes of candy for his girls, and they make their own cards for us. Throw in a big gooey dessert (preferably chocolate), and that our family's Valentine tradition!”

Sandi Patty tweeted that she’ll be celebrating a milestone with her youngest son on that day: “Well, I'm actually taking our youngest Sam to get his driver’s license. Stay off the roads in OKC for a while! :)”

Sounds like a romantic evening is on the horizon for Greg and Charlotte Ritchie. Greg shares, “I plan on taking my sweetheart of 16 years out for dinner and a movie. Something that even though we work side by side, we rarely get the chance to do, given our busy schedule. I am so looking forward to it. I hope everyone will take time to reflect on God’s gift of friendship through marriage this Valentine’s Day.”

Others, like Candy Christmas and Jason Crabb, are sharing the evening with lots of Valentines. Says Candy, “Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, the normal night that the Bridge Ministry feeds our homeless friends, Kent and I will spend the evening with several hundred of our sweethearts. I'm so blessed that it is a time that we can share, in love, 52 weeks a year!" (Pictured left: Kent and Candy)

Jason reports, “This year I will be spending Valentine's evening with a special group of people at the Knoxville Christian Center in Knoxville, TN. I will be doing a concert for them that night honoring Valentine's Day. Anyone in the area, come out and join us...and bring your Valentine with you!”

Leave a comment and let us know if you have any special plans for the day!