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"Love Story"
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Love Story: The Hand That Holds Us From the Garden To The Gate by Nichole Nordeman (Worthy Publishing)

I picked up this book two days ago. I planned to read it casually and write a review. But as soon as I read the  rst page, I couldn’t put it down and found myself hanging on every word. I have actually reread a couple chapters out loud to my sister because I needed to watch someone else’s reaction to the brilliance of Nichole’s description of the characters that make up the story of God’s plan for mankind. Plus, her beautifully crafted transparent confessions of her own struggle with faith made me want to hear the words on the outside of my head. I am not the only one who doubts. What a relief!

We have been told that God’s Word has no extra stuff — that each line is there for our instruction and admonishment. Nichole digs in and puts it in perspective. The reader will instantly realize that she does it from the direction that she is not “preaching at us,” but rather working out her own salvation with every word she types.

Nichole takes you on an interesting journey of her life; and just when you think it is all about her, she begins to weave in the story of Adam and Eve, Moses, Joshua, Mary, the thief, Paul and suddenly you realize that the Scripture is speaking to you at your point of need. I found myself nodding my head with identification in Nichole’s plights, laughing out loud.

And then it happens. The stories of these Bible characters do exactly what God intended them to do. They inspire us to find ourselves in their stories, to dig a little deeper into their hearts and to find a reason to believe it is all working out for our good. It assures us that there is a plan, and it is orchestrated by someone who really knows what He is doing.