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Mark Lowry and Michael English Say Goodbye to GVB
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A few days ago came the announcement on that Gaither Vocal Band members Mark Lowry and Michael English would be leaving the group after a nearly five-year run of performances. They've both worked hard juggling solo and group concerts since rejoining the band in 2009, and they are ready to slow down just a little. Of course, a decision like this one is never easy, and the guys really appreciate the prayers and support of the fans as they embark on the next phase of their journeys.

Michael shared this on Facebook:

I want everyone to know that I appreciate all your love and support over the years. The last 5 years with the GVB have been very enjoyable for me and I will miss the guys. Like Mark, this was a very difficult decision but one I feel at peace with. I will be enjoying more time off and able to pursue other opportunities. It will be a new day for Michael English but one I am very excited about. Hope to see many of you at solo concerts in the future!

Mark expressed his thoughts in video form, as he waited in the Atlanta airport on October 28:

We are sad to see Mark and Michael go, and we hope to see them pop up in Gaither Homecoming concerts in the future. We know fans will miss them both, and Mark will miss Michael's haircuts on the road, as seen in this post from Michael's Facebook page. We love you, guys!