In keeping with this issue’s sports theme, we posed this question to Homecoming readers online at
If you were the captain of a sports team, which Homecoming friend would be your first pick?

The person who came out far ahead of anyone else to be the MVP for this season is — even with a broken femur — Mark Lowry! Christy M.’s vote goes to Mark “if his ADD doesn’t kick in,” while he’s Marilee P.’s choice “in hopes that his ADD does kick in and become a distraction to the other teams.” Karen B. says she’d pick him because “otherwise he’d sit there with that sad look on his face, LOL.” And Mary F. also chooses Mark, but wisely suggests, “Have a medic ready!”

There was a three-way tie for second place, so we’ll let David Phelps, Michael English and Ivan Parker duke it out for that spot. Arlene S. says that David “wouldn’t have to do anything but sing to me.”

Jason Crabb and Wes Hampton tied for third, with Guy Penrod and Kevin Williams on their heels. Margaret H. notes that Jason is “such an encourager, positive and in good shape,” while Dorothy R. chooses Guy Penrod because “with all those boys, we’d be sure to win!” Kathi M. feels that Wes’ youthful age would be on her side, plus the fact that “chasing after the boys keeps him fast and in shape,” and Kim J. makes him her top pick because “he might be small, but it looks like he could play all kinds of games!”

There were a number of honorable mentions to earn a spot on the team — one of these is Sue Buchanan, of whom Vivian S. says, “We may not win many games, but I’ll bet we’d laugh a lot!” Dominic K. chooses Russ Taff because he is “full of Pentecostal energy,” while Kim B. chooses Rory Rigdon “to stare down the opponents.” Norma C.’s vote goes to Janet Paschal, since “she beat cancer, so she would easily make a touchdown, hit a home run or sink a putt on the 18th hole to win the Masters.” And according to Shirley G., the late Vestal Goodman would make a great choice because “she could also be the cheerleader and flag corps. Then we could go to her bus and eat good food!”

Bill Gaither will not spend the season on the bench either! According to Wanda B., “With a ‘do’ like that, he’d distract the other team for sure.” And Karen S. writes, “I’d pick Bill, but I’d let him be captain — look at the great team he has put together already!”