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Mark Lowry Crashes Dino's Concert
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You just never know where Mark Lowry will show up next! Last week, he was in Branson, Missouri, as one of the featured acts at the Jubilee Conference. His good friends, Christian artists Dino and Cheryl Kartsonakis were on the evening's program as well.

Two days later, Mark attended one of Dino's shows, and after hearing Dino mention being joined onstage by Kim Collingsworth earlier in the week, Lowry decided he needed some stage time with his friend as well. He surprised the audience by walking onstage in one of Dino's sequined jackets and joining him for an energetic duet and we have video proof! (If video below will not play for some reason, click here to see it on Mark's Facebook page.)

Here a video of me interrupting Dino's set. He was explaining that Kim Collingsworth had played with him earlier in the week...

Posted by Mark Lowry on Thursday, April 16, 2015