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Mark Lowry's Nursing Home Experience
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During a recent few days off the road, Mark Lowry took some time to minister at a nursing home, where he had a great time and found out what a small world it is. He posted about his experience on Facebook, as we share here:

For quite some time now I’ve had a desire to go on hospital visitation for my church when I’m home. Thirty years ago that would sound like drudgery. But now it sounds like an adventure. A chance to hear stories from people who have lived. I love stories. So, this might be a selfish reason, but it’s all I have. Also, I’ve never seen a miracle. I’m talking about a water-walking, mute-talking, blind-seeing, deaf-hearing, dead-living bona-fide miracle. I believe in them. But I’ve never seen one. It dawned on me that if you’re always around people who don’t need a miracle you’ll probably never see one. I need to go where a miracle’s needed.

Yesterday was my first visit.

It was to a nursing home in Humble, TX. We would be visiting a lady named Sister Wiggins. She had been in the church her entire life and played the piano for 40 years every Sunday. But a few weeks ago she had a stroke.

Bro. Keith, who is the visitation pastor of our church, went with me to show me the ropes. I had already received the packet that our church has that explains how you should visit people. You should stand at the foot of their bed so they don’t have to turn their heads to see you. You should not touch them unless you’re praying for them and have asked them if it is okay if you touch them. And you should make sure you’re not standing on a tube that could be helping them live. It’s a whole booklet explaining everything you need to know when it comes to visitation. Every church should have it.

Yesterday morning, Bro. Keith texted me (because that’s the only way young people know how to communicate) and told me to be at the nursing home around noon. When we arrived Sister Wiggins was in physical therapy. The nurse paused her therapy so we could visit. I asked her if she still played the piano. She said she did. So, with the help of the nurse, we moved her to the piano in the recreation room. She played with her right hand since her left is currently paralyzed. But what a great attitude and spirit she has. Cracking jokes. And trying to play, “If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven’ with her right hand.

I went to be a blessing and was blessed. One blessing was that in the middle of our visit I remembered friends of mine who are also named Wiggins. I asked her if she knew Patsy and Leonard Wiggins. She said that Leonard was her deceased husband’s brother. I have actually known this woman my whole life and didn’t realize it. I’m sure our paths had crossed many years ago when I would visit Leonard & Patsy’s home as a kid. Before we left we prayed with her. While we were praying, she was, too. That’s the way Pentecostals do it, everybody prays at once. I heard her tell the Lord how she wanted to be used by Him and how much she loves Him.

That was a fun day.