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Mark Lowry's Plans for the Future
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Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Mark Lowry has announced his tour plans for the future. While he has no plans to retire, beginning in 2018 he will, in his words, “retread.”

After 37 years of touring, Lowry will come off the road to regroup and focus on new projects, such as his upcoming podcasts with singer/songwriter and author Andrew Greer entitled “Dinner Conversations.”

Although he will not be touring on a regular basis after 2017, he will still appear at select dates.

"If you want to hear your favorite stories for what could be the last time, be sure to come see me this year!" says the beloved vocalist and storyteller. "While I'm excited to start this new chapter, I want to be sure to see as many of my friends across the country as possible, many of whom have supported me throughout my entire career. This year is for you!"

Watch Mark's announcement below:

Source: Surge Artist Solutions