Mark Lowry is feeling much better now after having "a touch of food poisoning," as he called it. He was in the hospital July 9, and though he undoubtedly felt awful, he stopped to post a few photos for Facebook friends.

Thankfully, Mark recovered quickly, and was even craving Taco Bell two days later. His visit prompted this sweet and inspiring post the next day:

Matthew 5:14 - YOU are the light of the world. So, turn the light on … but how?

Yesterday I got a craving for Taco Bell. After the food poisoning on Saturday and not eating much on Sunday, I was starving. And a #8 (three crispy tacos) PLUS a Burrito Supreme was just what the doctor ordered … well … maybe that’s not the right cliché. But it sure tasted good.

The drive-thru was so long, I decided to go inside and eat. The sweet, young, African-American lady who took my order had the biggest, brightest smile and spirit. I overheard a customer say her name was Dominique. I ate my #8 and half the Burrito Supreme (evidently my stomach had shrunk over the weekend, but I’ll have it back in shape in no time.)

As I was leaving, I told Dominique she had a sweet spirit. Her smile got even bigger as she thanked me.

Her light was shining and I just had to let her know I saw it.

Notice the beauty in people today. Notice the image of God staring back at you in the eyes of others. Be a light. A light is like a great song. It never preaches. It illuminates. It doesn’t beat people up it allows them to see for themselves so they can find their way.

Today I will look for a dark place and shine my little light.