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Meet Todd Suttles!
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The newest face on the Homecoming stage is the Gaither Vocal Band’s new baritone singer, Todd Suttles. We’d like to introduce you to this dynamic voice and the man behind it!

Todd is a people person. He recently embarked on his first Homecoming cruise in late February, and by the end of that week in the Caribbean, he knew everyone on the boat. He has a huge capacity for new friendships, so if you attend a Homecoming or Gaither Vocal Band concert in the near future, be sure to find Todd. He wants to meet you, too!

According to his parents, Todd has been singing pretty much since he entered this world. One of his earliest memories is sitting on his sister’s lap while she practiced her piano lessons. He would hum each note she played, and his sister would encourage him, saying, “Sing, baby!”

His musical influences range from George Jones to Mahalia Jackson and everyone in between. He explains, “I love singers who tell the story of a song and are not afraid to put their hearts and souls in it.” He loves the music of the Golden Gate Quartet, Fairfield Four, GVB, Rosetta Tharpe, Faron Young, Frank Sinatra, Daryl Coley, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton and Larnelle Harris (who preceded him in the Gaither Vocal Band by a couple of decades).

He first saw the Gaither Vocal Band sing live back in 1997 and, in his words, “loved the message and the feeling and emotion connected to the songs. You could just see the love that went out from the stage.” Now, he is a part of sending out that love from the stage with Bill, Adam, Wes and David.

When Todd isn’t traveling and singing with the GVB, you will find him serving as the Fitness and Youth Programs Director at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. And he loves it. “I enjoy changing lives and giving them the opportunity to broaden their future,” he says of his role.

For fun, Todd loves to compete in bass fishing tournaments. He has been fishing competitively for about six years now and won the 2007 “Back 40 Outreach Fall Bass Tournament,” in addition to placing in a few other competitions. “The excitement of just being in nature makes it all worth the challenge,” he says.

Bill, Adam, Wes and David love having Todd on the bus. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and Bill calls him the “Energizer Bunny” because his nonstop energy just keeps going … and going … and going! And with the busy year ahead of him, Todd is going to need all that energy! The GVB is as happy to have Todd onboard as he is to be there — which means an exciting new future for everyone!