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Meeting Bill In Brazil
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For many years I have loved and admired the Gaither Vocal Band. Here in Brazil, we are many fans — children, youth and adults. GVB’s work inspire many of our quartets, bands and our praise. I love all the members; it is difficult to measure the talent of David, Wes, Michael and Mark, not to mention all the Homecoming Family.

But I admire Bill in a special way. He is an inspiration to all, with his love for music, his perseverance in believing in your dreams, respect for ancestors and pioneers, his humility, charisma and honesty — he is unique! I thank him, to have come to know so many fantastic cantore, including George Younce, Hovie Lister, Jake Hess, Vestal Goodman and many others.

I always had the dream to meet Bill, but meeting someone so far away in America, when I live in a country of Portuguese language — indeed, the English I speak today is entirely due to the Gaither Music DVD’s! — seemed almost impossible to achieve. I have over 80 DVDs and several CDs, and I bought a biography of Bill. Last year, when I learned that the GVB would be here in Brazil, I made a decision. I needed to take this moment to fulfill my dream. I did some crazy things; I attended every concert possible! It involved at least five airplane trips and thousands of miles traveled.

There were great moments, beautiful concerts. But nothing beats the moment when I met Mr. Gaither!

It was in the “Campo Grande” city; the expectation was immense, when finally the gates of the departure lounge were opened and they started coming out. Then I saw Bill — I confess I forgot all my English at that time (and had rehearsed a lot!) and said some wrong words, but I had the immense good fortune to take some pictures and have my book signed. Oh, what did I say to him? Simple, “You are my hero!”

— Carlos Oliveira